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Welcome to MTC – Mediterranean Trader Corporation, your premier partner in bridging cultures and markets between Spain and the United States. At MTC, we believe in the power of trade to bring people together, offering a selection of the finest Spanish goods to the American market.

International Commerce between Spain and the United States

At the heart of MTC lies our dedication to fostering international commerce. We specialize in bringing high-quality Spanish products to the dynamic and thriving US market, leveraging our deep understanding of both cultures to ensure a seamless trade experience.

Marketing and Technological Innovation

MTC is committed to applying the latest trends in marketing and technology to expand and strengthen our brand across the US. We utilize a wide array of commercial methods to reach our audience, ensuring that the richness of Spanish culture is conveyed in every interaction.

Cultural Exchange through Commerce

Our mission extends beyond mere transactions. We aim to share a piece of Spain with the United States, not just by exporting goods, but by telling the story behind each product. Whether it's artisanal, textile, industrial, or food products, we give visibility to the craftsmanship, heritage, and journey behind every item.

Environmental and Social Responsibility

A core value of MTC is our unwavering commitment to making a positive impact on society and the ecosystem. We strive to raise awareness about the effort behind each product and the importance of environmentally respectful practices.

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Bridging cultures and markets between Spain and the United States

About Us

Founded in 2022, MTC stands as a testament to the vibrant connection between Spanish heritage and American innovation. Our team, a diverse mix of Spanish and American professionals, is dedicated to curating a selection of products that embody the essence of Spanish culture. With a focus on quality, sustainability, and tradition, we aim to share a piece of Spain with the United States, fostering mutual appreciation and understanding through commerce.

Our Mission

Our mission goes beyond simple transactions; we strive to tell the story behind each product, celebrating the craftsmanship, history, and environmental stewardship that define our offerings. From artisanal crafts to gourmet foods, every item in our catalog represents the rich cultural tapestry of Spain, brought to the American market with care and respect.





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